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Academic calls for inquiry into anti drug culture

Academic calls for inquiry into anti drug culture

University of Victoria, Victoria

In a letter published online, the students from the University of Victoria are c우리카지노alling for academic engagement with counter drug culture. The students argue that a culture of anti drug culture has permeated most undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the university. The students also argue that many students are hesitant to engage with their peers who are experimenting with drugs, despite the fact that they have a right to do so.

Student union representative Jennifer O’Connor, who co-wrote the letter, says she has heard many students’ stories of feeling hesitant to discuss and ask questions about their drug use because they fear the stigma associated with using drugs.

O’Connor says her most common response has been concern about sharing personal information about herself and her use of substances with others.

The letter states that these concerns can lead to students being ostracized from their programs of study and that those who are dealing with drug use “have to learn to do their best to remain patient and wait fo우리카지노r it to end before they go off the system.”

O’Connor points out that, of the 50 students who contributed to her letter, only 2 percent are actually substance abusers. Many other students have admit바카라ted to using marijuana, alcohol and other substances during their time at the university.

“I don’t believe that students who are using drugs are inherently inherently worse or more dangerous than others who engage in drug use,” she states. “But that does not mean that a drug-using student must not be considered to be an asset to the school community.”

O’Connor says she hopes that, with academic engagement, students who are experimenting with drugs can learn to live in a community where there is a sense of safe and healthy conduct, and where they do not have to constantly fend off accusations that their substance use is “toxic”.

Her letter is a response to a recent Facebook post by an anti-drug student that appeared in the campus newspaper, The Daily. In that post, a student said that he feels like his classmates are going through a “social media panic”, as some of them are using drugs without thinking about whether their use is criminal.

He argues that many students are simply making it seem that they are not dangerous and that people should just “get over it”.

According to O’Connor, the students who wrote the letter believe that students are trying to avoid their experiences by not telling their classmates about the risks associated with their substance use.